ParkAdmin™ is a complete parking and security management solution.

ParkAdmin is also useful for Incident Management

ParkAdmin improves your operation by providing you with:

User Management Online Payments Violation Management
System Administration Permit Management Appeal Processing
Locker Management Complete Reporting Incident Management
Wireless Ticketing Vehicle Management History Tracking


With the latest additions of Online Appeals, Wireless Ticketing and our improved and
updated Incident Reporting Module (Records Management) ParkAdmin continues to
lead the field in security and parking management software solutions.

ParkAdmin Lite Solution now Available!

Automated payment reminders,  payment gateway integration, audit tracking, improved
client support and convenience for smaller parking offices.

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Increased revenue Improve the bottom line by doubling your oversell or reducing staff workload. No more lineups Users are able to manage their own data and select items they want to purchase.
Administer from anywhere Operations don’t shutdown when you are away from the office. Automatic inventory control Items that are not paid for are returned to the system after several days.
Complete peace of mind Your daily operations run smoother without a paper trail. Fewer cancelled citations Your officers have all the information they need when they are out in the field.
Concise reporting Clear on the minute snapshots of your entire system. Reduction in foot traffic Clients can appeal violations and make payments online.
Customer satisfaction Convenience of 24/7 access to change information or make payments anytime. Minimal paperwork Your paperwork is virtually eliminated. With a common data store, interoffice communication improves.
Improved communication Components help to group users together to facilitate communication. No more manual transactions Payments go directly from the user to your bank.

Backed by our outstanding support and various flexible service agreements, ParkAdmin is
the best choice for automating your parking and violation management operations.

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